Students Meetings

  • Students Meeting

    Medine Emel Tümer/Narlıdere Anatolian Imam Hatip High School /İzmir

    Our students got together with partner schools ' students

    Güler Çetin Velimeşe Anadolu Lisesi

    As the whole project group we got together and did an online meeting. (07.04.2022) The students presented their poster works and talked to each other and played the Quizizz game, the questions of which they prepared collaboratively. It was a really great hour and experience for everybody 😉 🤩

    Güler ÇETİN /Velimeşe Anatolian High School,Ergene Turkey

    the video of online syncronized Quizizz Game Activity

    Annalisa Nardelli ,Italy

    the video of the Student Meeting in long version