A poem for a good cause

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    The project classes collaborate by co-writing a poem on nostalgia, the thematic topic of the “Castello do Duino” International Poetry and Theater Competition. To start working on the poem the children are asked the simple question "What is there that you miss? ". Their replies mainly cover the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic and what they have missed due to the lockdowns and school closures. In the EFL classroom, the students have come up with beautiful lines to express the feelings of missing their life before the pandemic!

    The collaborative poem is entitled "A Volunteers' Challenge" giving credit to the current eTwinning project. 

    The collective poem is the official entry of the current eTwinning project's partners in the “Castello do Duino” International Poetry and Theater Competition (Concorso Internazionale di Poesia e Teatro Castello di Duino XVIII Edizione 2021-22). The competition rules can be found in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

    Deadlines section III: School and collective projects, 2021 December, 31st

    The poem and the application to enter the competition are both sent to the organizers of the competition through electronic and conventional mail (see screenshots at the bottom of the page). 

    The process and product of the collaboration can be seen on the embedded Google doc below. For a complete view follow the "Nostalgia" Google doc


    Application to enter the contest 




    Modulo di domanda (per le scuole).pdf


    Sending the poem and application by electronic mail

    Sending the poem and application by conventional mail


    They collaborate to write a poem about “Nostalgia” for a good cause. They participate in the XVIII Edition 2022 of the Castello di Duino International Poetry and Theater Competition whose theme is "I miss you so much / Nostalgia”. Where does Nostalgia originate? In the soul of man, in the spirit of peoples, in the heart of nature? What happens when nostalgia arrives right where it is born? The theme "I miss you so much / Nostalgia" is just a suggestion that can be poetically elaborated according to the inspiration and sensitivity of the individual authors!

    The students use the "Nostalgia" Google doc adding their TwinSpace name, school and country as a note