Collaborative volunteer actions

  • The project classes co-write a poem on the theme of nostalgia and take part in the “Castello do Duino” International Poetry and Theater CompetitionIf the collective poem is awarded the first prize of 500 euros, all the project members will suggest and vote for the humanitarian cause to which they would like to donate this amount of money. To find out more about this volunteer action, visit the dedicated page

    • "Think positive" action (see the TwinBoard below)

    The Primary School of Halkida that suggested the action described the process to project teachers who asked their classes whether they wished to join. The idea of handing out positive messages to passers-by was received with enthusiasm by the kids. They made short messages with little drawings and lots of positive thinking. They went out into the streets around the school or close to it, met people and gave them the notes mentioning their grade, their school, the title of the project and the reason for being there. They made sure to add a smile. Those who received the message were surprised at first but as the children explained one could see that their faces lit up with broad smiles. (the description above refers to all project schools that participated in the "Think positive" action)

  • "Think positive"

    handing out positive messages
    to make others THINK positive
    to make others FEEL positive
    & to get a feeling of contentment yourself