a. Volunteers4Nature

  • The students post on the current page any volunteer environmental action they have taken  either individually, in pairs, in groups, or as a class. 

  • Volunteers4Nature



    Cleaning up the neighbourhood square


    Watering the plants and cleaning up the site (Skafidia)

    for the kids to play
    1st Experimental Primary School of Pyrgos

    Volunteers for the environment - cleaning the local creek on World Environment Day 2022

    Responding to the public call made by local NGOs, the 5th Graders join forces with other schools and clean the Oleander Creek, the local creek which comes down from the mountain where our town is built and reaches the beach. (10HPSGR)

    Volunteers for the environment - joining in municipal reforestation action

    Accompanied by parents and Ms. Olga, the mainstream teacher, the 5th Graders participated in the reforestation action that the municipality organised at Mount Hymettus. (10HPSGR)

    Beach Clean-up Day