Second trip to Portugal



    Second Trip to Portugal 




    In this second mobility, we continued our pilgrimage, exploring the way, its rich heritage, culture, nature and community. It was a unique experience,  walking the path was an opportunity for learning and personal growth. Just like the pilgrims have their passports, all the partners in our project had a passport with information on the various places to visit, as well as a space to share their impressions and feelings along the way, this being a precious feedback to take into account throughout the project. 


    It was good to have the opportunity to get to know our heritage, our people, and to explore what distinguishes us, but also what unites us in this Europe that is so diverse and so rich and full of charm, wisdom and culture.


    Escola Secundária D. António Taipa in Portugal, Istituto Comprensivo di Cavaglia in Italy, and CPI Uxío Novoneira in Spain joined together in the 2nd Mobility (Portugal). On the Way to know new people and new places ... It was our first day!