Task 4: Tips to start the Way

  • Our goal is to create a list of the Ten Top Tips to keep in mind to success walking The Way!

    1. Each school must do a list of Tips (as much as you want)
    2. Two students from each school will collect that list
    3. Using the eTwinning forum or other media, these students must share their lists and decide the Ten Top Tips from all they have
    4. The activity must be done before the first trip to Spain on March 21. Then, responsible students decide deadlines to collect their lists and organice the final list!


      Hi! We are the students from Pedrafita.

      Here are our tips:

    1. Don´t wear new shoes.

    2. Tie your shoes. 

    3. Take water bottles. 

    4. Don´t wear too much warm clothes.

    5. Take snacks.

    6. Put compeed for blists before walking.

    7. Stretch before and after walking.

    8. If it is sunny, put on a cap.

    9. Wear confortable clothes. 

    10. Take a lantern.