The Way against gender violence (25Nov)

  • International day against gender violence (25 nov 2021, 14-54).MOV


    A short video made by the girls in class 2A: Stefania, Letizia, Serena, Sara, Elena, Beatrice



    A drawing by Riccardo and Andrea from class 2A


    In Portugal we had a conference on the 25th November to raise awareness to the the international day against gender violence and this is the poster done by Eduardo Torres, 11th B, after the conference the students in the project attended.





    Walking the Way against Gender Violence in Pedrafita do Cebreiro

    25th of November we celebrated the day against gender violence in our school. The act began with the reading of a manifesto by Carla Fernández (4º course of secondary).

    Then, all the students from nursery to secondary school left their mark on behalf of all the victims of violence in 2021.

    After that,  Sofía Carrete and Laura Viña performed A piragua, a play belonging to the book Media vida by Candido Pazó.

    The act ended with the performance of the song Que non mo neguen by Tanxugueiras using the traditional instruments that students made and decorated in reference to this day.