Task 2: The logo of the project


    And here is a video with the results from the  logo contest and the logo that will represent our project!








    Dear students, the time has come for us to create a logo to represent our project: The Way that joins Europe!

    Be original and creative!

    Here are the terms and conditions:


     You can draw it by hand or use a computer app to create it

     The name of the project The Way that joins Europe! must be included  The colours/flags of the partners must be visible! (You can add the flags of the countries)

     Each school will choose the 3 best logos, done by their students, and upload them to the Tricider created for the final challenge

     Deadline: Load your logos to a tricider we will create until 15 th December.

     Final Voting: Between 15th December and 15th January. (Portugal)


    Here, we're showing all logos created in Pedrafita


    After voting all students&teachers in our school here we show the 3 selected ones for the final voting with portuguese and italian logos!

    David Núñez Bravo

    Sofía Carrete García

    Laura Viña Balboa



    The logos created by the Italian students:

    CLASS 2A

    CLASS 3A


    Here are the three logos chosen for the competition:

    Letizia Barana


    Stefania Sorlei


    Irene Givone




    Here are the logos created by the Portuguese students.



    And the winners are:

    Ana Ferreira 


    Inês Costa


    Eduardo Torres