How to build an insect hotel?

  • On this page, two Spanish students are going to invite you to build a mini insect hotel.

    Follow their instructions and you will be able to create a hotel for your home or school.

    The materials you need are: 



    In short: a small wooden box, a few natural elements, a piece of wire mesh, two pieces to avoid water and a stake (if you want to drive the insect hotel into the ground).

    And the tools you will need are:
    a hot-melt adhesive gun, a saw, a pair of metal scissors, and a pair of scissors for metal.


    This is the process to follow:




    And this is how we got our two mini insect hotels:




    We have placed one in a sunny area and the other in a shadier area... will there be a difference in the insect population? Well... we'll keep an eye on it!



    Óscar and Roxana are two very special children for us!


    If you dare to create an insect hotel, post your result here!

    Si te animas a crear un hotel de insectos, pon aquí tu resultado!!