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    a) Go to this link and, in it, try to make an avatar that is similar to you. You must be respectful and careful with the characteristics, trying to make the result as similar as possible to you. When you finish, download the image and save it with your name. (You can see here how to do it)

    b) Now it's time to write a short description: try to put into words those traits that most define who you are. You must write between 20 and 40 words and you CANNOT include your name. When you finish, you must save the document with your name.

    C) You must now upload the image and the text. Remember that you only have to open this link and drag and drop the image and the document.



    Here, you can look for Spanish avatar: You can identify avatars by looking at their descriptions.
    Once you know who is who, you can place their avatar in the corresponding square.



    This is the final  presentation!








    Spanish pupils playing with Turkish cards, Thomas was helping us!!