1 - Our project

  • The project "Eco Citizenship " aims at encouraging pupils and teachers from various countries of Europe (France, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Greece, and Latvia) to collaborate and to sensitive them on sustainable development and climatic changes.

    Our partnership is based on the variety of our establishments (urban or rural schools, big or small schools). This partnership has to allow us to involve all the pupils of the partner establishments, including the pupils with specific needs so that no child stays out. All the girls and the boys will find their place and will participate in the respect for each and in the objective of promotion of the intercultural education, the fight against racism and xenophobia.

    We want to educate pupils to be future citizens full of cultural and civil values.



    Our project will:
    - develop a consciousness to be a European citizen.
    - make sensitive and educate the pupils in the protection, the improvement and in the preservation of the environment.
    - develop activities relative to recycling, reusing, saving up water etc...
    - develop responsible capacity.
    - build collaboration between European schools.
    - develop capacities in the learning autonomy.
    - create a dynamic of desire to learn a foreign language.
    - develop intercultural competences.


    We will:
    - learn to think of the sustainable development.
    - work the environmental education as a cross curricular area.

    - meet each others while schools' mobilities


    Working procedures

    - Eco friendly way to school (october/december),
    - Green energy (january/march),
    - 3R's, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (april/june).


    Expecting results

    - Regular visioconferences
    - Videos and project magazine
    - Collaborative games
    - Mobility meetings