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    SECTION  about our eTwinning project on the website St. Petar Orehovec school


    Media Literacy portal on  our podcast

    24. 6. 2022.


    Podcast as a function of media education and dissemination of project ideas is the title of the article which was published on the portal  Media literacy - Medijska pismenost. The article was published on June 23, and it mentions that the podcast was prepared as part of the project "Let’s Think Sustainably".  

    The article also lists the possibilities of using podcasts in education. More is available HERE


    Articles on mobility in Germany and Belgium published in 5 Croatian media

    4. 5. 2022.

    In line with the agreed plan, short time student mobility was held in Germany and Belgium from 25 to 29 April. At the Gemeinschaftsschule Sachsenheim, the school of our hosts, Erasmus+ teams from Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain presented the sustainable activities they carried out during the school year.

    The following Croatian media published an article about this mobility:



    Web page of  County Koprivničko-križevačke županije



    Radio Križevci     


    County web on meeting with County Prefect

    11. 12. 2022.

    An article about a meeting  our students with  Darko Župan, the County Prefect of Koprivnica-Križevci County was published on the County's website .

    The reason for the meeting with the County Prefect was the activities of the Student Council in order to reduce food waste.


    “Klinček” on videoconference

    21. 2. 2022.

    An article on eTwinning partner videoconference was published in the digital school newspaper  Klinček. The focus of the article is sustainable projects presented at videoconference.

    The author of the article, Petra Kušec, also pointed out that she hopes for good company in Germany and Belgium. /Stojanka Lesički/


    “Klinček” on workshop about EU values

    6. 2. 2022.

    An article about the workshop on EU values was published in the school digital newspaper Klinček. The article explained that students learned about EU values by playing a card-like game.

    It was pointed out that the workshop in 8A was held on 17 January and the workshop in 8A on 2 February. /Stojanka Lesički/


    Croatian portal for schools on our radio report and exhibition

    18. 1. 2022.


    An article about our radio report and exhibition on the occasion of the ban on plastic bags was published on the Croatian portal for teachers and schools.

    The article is available here.   /Stojanka Lesički/


    "Klinček" on project podcast

    30. 12. 2021.

    An article about the podcast of our project was published in the school digital newspaper Klinček

    on 30 December. The article also includes a link to the first radio report of the Croatian team. /Stojanka Lesički/


    "Klinček" about results of action of collecting corks and old papers


    21. 12. 2021.




    An article about the action of the results of the action of collecting corks and old papers was published in the school digital newspaper Klinček.

    The article was published on 21 December. More on the LINK



    Radio Križevci on our eTwinning project

    15. 12. 2021.


    An article entitled “Eighth-graders from Sveti Petar Orehovec Primary School learn about the EU to prepare for the visit to EU Parliament in Brussels” was published on the Radio Križevci portal on 15 December 2021.

    The main topic of the article is the workshop “How Eu makes our lives better”. Find more on this LINK.  /Stojanka Lesički/


      "Klinček" on  workshop how the EU makes our lives better

    13. 12. 2021.


    An article about the workshop “How Eu makes our lives better” was published in school digital newspaper “Klinček”. The article was published on 13 December. Find more at this LINK.


    “Klinček” on  volonteering action

    28. 11. 2021.


    Several students of the Sveti Petar Orehovec school volunteered for the Maslačak Association. The school newspaper Klinček published an article about that activity on 28 November. Find more at this LINK


    “Klinček” on radio workshop

    11. 10. 2021.

    An article about radio workshop is published in the school digital newspaper KLINČEK on 10 October. The article is prepared by student Amadea Bošnjak.

    English version is available HERE (date 11 October 2021). /Stojanka Lesički/


    School magazine “Klinček” about sustainable development lectures

    28. 9. 2021.



    An ARTICLE about lectures on sustainable development in classes 8. a and 8. b is published in school digital magazine KLINČEK  today.

    The title of the article is "We children can also contribute to sustainable development". The article was prepared by student Laura Ivšak. /S. L./