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    Project Partners for this Erasmus+ project: Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

    Partners gathered in this project introduce the students to The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

    • Aim: Transfer information about the 2030 Agenda, making students aware of sustainable development and encouraging our students to make a personal contribution to achieving these goals.
    • Dialogue between young people about sustainable development is encouraged.
    • Students learn about democracy and European institutions, they will interview politicians in their local area and as a mixed group, they will visit Brussels to meet with EU politicians in order to discuss their ideas/suggestions.
    • Goal: radio podcasts that point to the examples of sustainable activities in the local and wider community, but also the activities that are contrary to the principles of sustainable development.


    Providing pathways of engagement for young people in their daily lives but also in democratic life is vital for a functioning democracy and for society at large. It is written in the EU Youth Strategy for the period 2019 - 2027.

    Guided by this appeal of inclusion, but also the appeals of the Strategy for connecting and empowering youth, through this project we want to encourage our students to come up with possible ideas for engaging young people in sustainable development goals. Also, give them the opportunity to connect and exchange these ideas as well as to empower them with competencies such as critical thinking and teamwork.

    One of the goals of this project is to expose the generally accepted identification of sustainable development with environmental protection and to point out that environmental protection is only one of the three components of sustainable development.