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    The project "Let's Think Sustainably" is the first school project which has the word sustainability in its name. But, we have done some sustainable activities in previous years as well.


    We are especially proud of cleaning the Rogosci forest. We conducted this activity last school year as part of the project “Let’s play the fraternity card”. About thirty students took part in the action of cleaning the forest. You can read more about this activity at this LINK, and at LINK you can see a short film about this activity.

    An activity we are also proud of is the “Sensitization to Integration” project. The focus of our project was inclusiveness and this project is part of goal 4. Ensure inclusive and quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities. We implemented this project during 2019 and 2020. During it, we tried to raise awareness of students for the needs of blind and deaf children. Students also learned how to make audio descriptions of a film for the blind and subtitles for the deaf. They made them for our film "Money". You can read more about this project at the following LINK.


    The focus of some of our activities was gender equality. In our school newspaper last school year, we wrote about gender equality. This is LINK for the article about girls without schooling opportunities in Africa, and on the following LINK is the article about engineers Valentina Valent. Our filmmaker also made a film about her. With this film about gender equality, we qualified for the Croatian Children's Film Festival.



    In the past year, we have had many more sustainable activities that would certainly be among some of the 17 goals of Agenda 2030, but here we have singled out some of our latest activities.

    Below is some more general information about our school.


    Sveti Petar Orehovec Elementary school is situated in the North-Western part of Croatia where 4583 residents live in 39 smaller villages. Most of them are working in agriculture and have low income. 304 students attend the school in the school year 2021/2022.


    The school consists of the main school and 4 district schools in villages Bočkovec, Fodrovec, Miholec, and Gregurovec.

    Aside from compulsory subjects, students can choose between optional subjects such as English, ICT, and Religious Education. The main foreign language in school is German, but most of the students attend also English as a second foreign language.


    The school staff consists of 40 teachers and 3 professional associates. They try to provide as many extracurricular activities as possible due to the fact that most of the students cannot travel far to enroll in any activities offered in towns due to distance and transport. 


    School offers the following extracurricular activities: choir, eco group, art, Small Technicians, and traffic groups, Red Cross Youth, and Student’s Cooperative “Ključ”. Members of cooperative produce and sell their artefacts and grow flowers.


    The school has film and journalist sections. See more on klincek.com and our Youtube CHANNEL.


    As coordinating school we implement Erasmus+ KA 229 project“Young journalist of tomorrow, responsible citizens of tomorrow”, and we are a partner in Erasmus+ KA 229 project  S.O.S. – Strengthen Online Security


    Our last Erasmus+ project was KA 219 project "Small step for film, a big one for European citizenship"

    During the school year 2015/2016, our school was part of the ACES project  “Your voices could be a part of the solution”.