ABOUT Germany

  • ABOUT Germany

    Our school is located in the south-western part of Germany near Stuttgart, in Sachsenheim. The name of our school is "Gemeinschaftsschule am Sonnenfeld".

    Gemeinschaftsschule Sachsenheim

    We have about 600 students and are made up of an elementary as well as a primary school.

    At the beginning of this school year we moved into our brandnew school building. It allows us to study individually not only in our classroom but also on sofas or tables outside in the floor. 

    School starts at 7.50 am every morning. Lunch break is from 12.55 - 2 pm. Afternoon lessons last from 2 - 3.30 pm. On Fridays school ends at 12.55 pm. Our lessons last 45 minutes, but we usually have double lessons (90 min).