Group 1

  • Part I: Quickfire questions on DEMOCRACY:


    What does the word democracy literally mean?


    • power of the people --  40 euros

    • everyone is free

    • everyone is equal

    • everyone is powerful


    What best explains the concept of democracy?


    • form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power

    • a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly ----- 80 euros

    • by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

    • the supreme power is actually or nominally lodged in a monarch


    In which country was democracy said to be founded ?


    • Egypt

    • Athens

    • Greece ----- 50 euros

    • England


    In the early democratic society who was allowed to vote?


    • women

    • men ---- 100 euros

    • slaves

    • freed slaves


    Which is the largest democracy in the world?


    • India

    • Brazil

    • United States--160

    • Indonesia


    Which of these countries a a non democratic society?


    • USA

    • France

    • China X

    • Canada

    • Lybia X

    • North Korea X

    • Saudi Arabia X

    • Syria X -- 50

    • Afghanistan


    Which country holds the largest single-day election?


    • United States --- 50 euros

    • Indonesia

    • India

    • Nigeria


    Which country experienced its first democratic transition of power in 2015?

    Choose one


    • Zambia

    • Sudan

    • Nigeria -----10 euros

    • Greece


    Which country has the highest number of women in parliament worldwide?


    • Rwanda

    • Sweden ---- 5

    • Turkey

    • United States


    What is the current lowest legal voting age in the world?


    • 18

    • 17

    • 16 ---- 100

    • 15


    In which two European countries people under the age of 18 are allowed to vote?


    • Austria and Bosnia

    • Austria and Sweden

    • Austria and Germany ---- 40 euros

    • Austria and Finnland



    Alba and Linda


    PART II:


    Go to and answer the following questions: 


    What rights do we have as European citizens?




    rights to live, work, travel and study abroad, including access to healthcare and consumer rights.





    Where are these rights written down?



    'Ordinary Legislative Procedure’




    Which of these rights are the most important ones to live in a democratic society?



    freedom of speech (human rights)



    Have a further look on the internet. Are there any cases when some of these rights are sometimes violated in your country?



    jan Böhmermann (erdogan merkel freedoom of speech, satire prison), Traiskirchen refugees very bad condicisions









    vali, elena, eric, katja