You will find a page to answer the questions

    1. When and why as created the EEC? It was created by which treaty?

    2. Which were the initial aims?

    3. What is the Maastritch Treaty? What did it supposed for the EEC? Which were the most important changes?

    4. The present EU is the result of several treaties and agreements signed by the middle of last Century. Do an internet search and list the most meaningful.

    5.Describe the EU's flag and explain its meaning.

    6.Investigate for the Europe hymn. Who did write it? What does mean?

    7.What is the EU's slogan?

    8. When is the European Union day? why?

    9. When Euro was implanted as European common currency?

    1. Draft a text considering the importance of belonging to EU.


    Couillandeau Capucine (France)

    Egea Isabel (Espagne)

    Marie Soellhammer (Autrichienne)

    Dahlquist Salomé (France)

    kristina Kazikova (slovakia)

    Jakub lesko(slovakia)


    1)Treaty of Rome 1957 to bring economic integration among its one words members states


    2)to bring about economic integration (a commun markets and customs unions)


    3)1992 the integration of europe. 1993 creation of the european union. Led to the creation of the europe.


    4)1951 :treaty of Paris ; 1957 : treaty of Rome ; 1985 : Schengen agreement ; 1992 : Maastricht ; 1997 : Amsterdam ; 2007 : Lisbon...


    5)It's blue with 12 stars, as symbol of perfection and unity (a circle of gold which represents harmony and solidarity)

    6)Beethoven wrote it (Ninth symphony). It expresses freedom, peace and solidarity.


    7)United in diversity


    8)9th may. Occasion for activities, festivities that bring Europe closer to its citizen.This day represents the day when Schuman presented his proposal on the creation of an organised Europe.



    10) Salomé : Nous pouvons voyager à travers l'Europe plus facilement, ainsi nous avons plus facilement accès à d'autres cultures. De plus, la monnaie est la même dans la majeur partie de l'Union Européenne, c'est donc pratique.

    Kristina- ma to vela vyhod byt v europskej unii ; uz len kvoli cestovaniu a spoznavaniu novych ludi ; spoznavaniu kultur ;

    Jakub : ma to vela vyhod , no takisto aj nevyhod co sa tyka spoluprace EU so Slovenskom, Na druhej strane som rad ze mame taketo vymozenosti cestovania a spoznavania novych kultur,

    Marie : Europa ist eine grosse Gemeinde und zusammen koennen wir gegen Terrorismus ankaempfen. Wenn ein Krieg ausbricht, dann sind wir zusammen viel staerker.

    Isa :En mi opinión, la UE es muy importante porque nos permite por ejemplo viajar de una manera más fácil para compartir experiencias y conocernos entre nosotros.