LEPL Tbilisi Public School 207

  • LEPL Tbilisi Public  School N207

    Our school is situated in the suburbs of the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. It is an old school built in 1979. It is a secondary school with primary, secondary and high classes together. There are about 1000 students. 

    There are between 22 and 32 students per class and the studying process is dividend in two parts: we have some classes in the morning and others in the afternoon. Georgian students study the same subjects as other European kids such as: Georgian. English, Russian, Maths, History, Geography, Science, Arts, Music, Sports or P.E, etc. 

    Our school has been participating  in Etwinning projects since 2013 and we have got many EQL. Students love working in projects with European friends.Here are some photos of our school recently taken

    ETWINNNING corner at the school entrance hall

    Students are tested for temperature before entering the school bouilding every morning