• Our alphabets are here ...

    We prepared a colouring notebook for foreign language children

    so that they colour it and learn Armenian letters.


    Hello ... Here is Armenian Alphabet game.Game for kids.

    You can download it and learn Armenian letters, words...

    Manush Arzumanyan



    2) The students of the primary school of Tsotyli, in Greece present the Greek Alphabet through a handmade poster.

    This is a wonderful alphabet you made !

    Dominique Ducamus

    3) The kids from group "Winnie Pooh" - Kindergarten "Zvanche" colored some drawings of bulgarian letters. Each child colored a letter that begins with his name. Then we did our exhibition of bulgarian colorful alphabet.

    Stella Stefanova


    Here is the "French Alphabet Song" :

    Do you want to play ?

    The 13 consonnants game is online now !

    Here are the cards (two sets, one for Armenia and Bulgaria, and one set for Greece and France). And the rules (in English and in French).



    Enjoy yourself and learn your letters !


    The 1st grade from 12/14 rue d'Alésia Paris (FRANCE) presents the french alphabet made with our body ! Listen and repeat the french alphabet with us.


    Wonderful Alphabet ! I loved it ! (Superbe alphabet, il m'a beaucoup plu !) Dominique


    Silvard Harutyunyan posted a video of an Armenian Body Alphabet, in answer to the CPC's Alphabet.

    French CPD First Graders enjoyed very much this Body Alphabet, some of them looked at it several times.

    A Parisian Alphabet throught young children eyes

    CPD first graders enjoyed very much this Photo Alphabet, and were glad to recognize some places they know very well.

    Silvard Harutyunyan posted several Armenian alphabets videos for us to see ...

    Here you can find how French first graders wrote their first names in Bulgarian, Greek and Armenian...

    Aide pour écrire son prénom en bulgare, en grec et en arménien... Help for those who want to write their names in another language.