Let's talk about our alphabet


    Where we can learn things about alphabets

    The History of Armenian Alphabet Creation


    Saints Cyril and Methodius created the Bulgarian alphabet - the Cyrilic (drawing: Yosif Baldziyski, Hristo Smirnenski Primary School, Bulgaria)

    The kids from Kindergarten "Zvanche", Pleven, Bulgaria learned interesting facts about bulgarian language.

    Then we visited the regional library for more interesting information.


    Here is what we learned about our letters :

    The French magazine has audio in it. You just have to click (twice) on the arrows to listen to the pupils.

    Pour entendre ce que disent les élèves, il faut cliquer (deux fois) sur les flèches.

    Magazine créé avec Madmagz.

    The English magazine doesn't have audio.

    Magazine créé avec Madmagz.