18 MAY 2021


    Sustainable CLOCK 

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Sustainable Cities Lifestyle ResOurces CooKi​​​​​​​ng

    Virtual icebreaking event

      It’s time to get started! 😊



    WHAT:          “Icebreaking Activities and work on “Visual Adjectives”

    WHEN:         Tuesday 18th May 2021 at 4.00 p.m.

    WHERE:        on Teams (link:


    We hereby invite you to participate in our first virtual event for our Erasmus+ project Sustainable CLOCK. You will have the chance to meet and get to know the students from Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain and then work with the photos you collected for our Visual Adjectives.

    We look forward to getting to know you!



    • Part I – Icebreaking activities
      • Mentimeter (whole group)
      • Quiz about stereotypes (groups of x people)
      • Get to know each other (groups of x people)


    • Part II – Visual adjectives (See Pages on TwinSpace)




    Part I - Icebreaking activities

    1. Mentimeter   ​​​​​​​What comes into your mind when you think of Germany/Spain/Poland and Italy?  --> link mentimeter:

    2.   Quiz about Stereotypes (15’)

    A) Do the quiz questions on your own.

    B) With your group: Compare your results and feel free to add some information.


    • How many Spanish people are in favour of bullfighting?
    • Every Spanish person can be expected to take a siesta in midafternoon.
    • All Spanish people love bullfighting.
    • How much do you pay for one whole piece Spanish Pata Negra bellota ham?


    • How many icecream flavours do exist?
    • Who is the most famous Italian person?
    • Which pizza does not exist in Italy?
    • What is the maximum speed you can drive a Ferrari?


    • Which food/dish is most eaten in Germany?
    • What is Apfelschorle?
    • How many different types of bread exist in Germany?
    • Which German Popband is most famous abroad?


    • Which food/dish is most eaten in Poland?
    • How many dishes do Polish people eat/serve for Christmas?
    • Which is one of the most popular Easter traditions in Poland?             
      • Leaving an empty chair at the table
      • Pouring buckets of water on strangers
      • Smashing an egg on your head
    • Which famous German football star is Polish?


    3.  Get to know each other

    • students get a list of conversation starters
    • Groups of 3: Read the questions and answer them:
      • If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
      • What kind of books / movies / series do you like? / What is your favourite…
      • Imagine you could change your name. Which name would you choose?
      • Have you ever protested about something you disagree with?
      • Which song could you hear again and again?
      • Imagine you have superpowers. What would be your favourite?
      • Where would you like to travel one day?
      • Let the others guess how many languages you speak..
      • If you meet me in ten years, I’ll probably be…
      • If I were an animal / a fruit / a vegetable /… , I would be a…
      • If I could do whatever I wanted, I would … all day.
      • If I had won one billion Euros yesterday, I would do ... today.



    Part II - Visual adjectives

    • Healthy and sustainable nutrition / sustainable cooking



    • Consuming less and reducing plastic / using less resources



    • Renewable energies



    • Sustainable city