Meetings together (Belgium/Spain)

  • 27/06/2021/

    We had a meeting to evaluate the first workshopday and make a schedule for next year. 

    Planning Erasmus 2021-2022.docx

    Evaluatie workshopdag 1.docx



    We discussed our first workshop on poverty together. 


    Today we had a training session on action-oriented work. The Belgian organisation Djapo gave the session in English. Three teachers from Spain and two from Belgium participated. 
    We learned how to work with a project planner in order to organise our workshop days. 




    Today we had a meeting together to decide the logo and slogan for our project. We have chosen a combination of a logo in Spain and a logo in Belgium. We will combine it and digitise it.

    As slogan we have chosen '2030 here we go!'


    Laura and Paulien (both coordinators of the project for their country) had a Skype meeting to help each other on working on the Twinspace and also made some small agreements. 


    We started a WhatsApp group with both project management teams. We started introducing ourselves in the group. 



    On a studyday about the SDGs in Belgium, the teacher team was introduced to the Spanish colleagues by Skype. It was a nice meeting.


    Our first meeting together - getting introduced! This meeting was in February, when we were writing the project.