Management team (Belgium)

  • 1/06/2021

    Today we had a meeting with the school group. The schools that are project coordinators discussed what is going well, what is not going well and what still needs to be done.


    Lien, Paulien and intern Anna had a meeting with Wendy from Djapo (organisation) to discuss the details of a collaboration during the project. 
    Djapo will support us during the project and help where necessary. 
    Djapo is an organisation that wants to teach children and young people to make choices for a more sustainable world and combines skills such as philosophy, creative thinking, systems thinking and action-oriented working with sustainability themes such as water, climate, trade and waste. In this way, children and young people contribute to their right to a pleasant life on a healthy planet.



    The Belgian project management team followed an eTwinning workshop by the eTwinning ambassador Evy Sierens. We learned to work with the twinspace. 


    Kristof and Paulien followed the Kick-off day of Epos on 6 October. They were explained about the contract and the Mobility Tool+. They also attended workshops on cooperation within the partnership and external communication and dissemination.


    First meeting in September.