Activities about the SDGs (Belgium)

  • 12/03/2021

    Friday 12 March was National Pajama Day in Belgium. This day was organised by the organisation BEDNET. This organisation makes it possible for pupils with long-term illnesses to follow the lessons at school. 
    On Pajama Day, all pupils in Belgium go to school in their pyjamas to support BEDNET.

    GOAL 4- quality education for everyone


    The kindergarten children of our establishment Droomschip have been learning about waste sorting and recycling for the past two weeks. They also went collecting rubbish in the streets around school.

    GOAL 13 and 15



    At both locations we have built willow huts at school. In Tandem we did it last school year, in Droomschip we did it last week.
    In these willow huts the pupils can play during playtime and they can also be used as an outdoor class. 
    They also contribute to biodiversity. (goal 15 - life on land)


    In our location Leefschool Het Droomschip we did a Christmas action. 
    Every year, the pupils pull out a card with the name of one of their classmates. They then have to buy a present of 5 euros for the Christmas party. 
    Now that the shops in Belgium were closed, we had to think differently. We chose to give old toys a new life. 
    The pupils all brought toys from home that they didn't play with anymore. So we made a toy shop. From this they could choose something for their secret friend. 
    It was very fun and sustainable. This is certainly worth repeating!

    goal 1 -no poverty --> parents and children who would otherwise find it difficult to buy something do not need to worry about this now

    goal 12 - responsible consumption and production


    In both establishments of our school (Leefschool het Droomschip and Basisschool de Tandem) we have planted a tree of the future. The intention is that this tree will make our living environment healthier and more pleasant. The children helped with the planting of the tree. (goal 15 - life on land)


    The children of the youngest group learn about waste, composting and recycling. They went to take a look in the compost bin at school. (goal 13 - climate action)