•                                              Odysseus

    We present Odysseus' Journey in the following map that was collaboratively created by both schools. Clicking the markers you can read and hear the recorded description and see a relative photο.




    Next we created a presentation with the 12 Labors of Hercules. Students composed each slide with text, photos, drawings, youtube videos about Hercules and his labors.





    In mythology of both countries there is a  common Goddess wich depicts with snakes. Angitia for Italy and Snake Goddess for Greece. We created the following book describing the goddesses and letting the partner school drawing her.

    Angitia drawings for ourboox by Maleme students                                    


    Odysseus zeemap and Hercules Prezi from Maleme Students.

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    Angitia through CLIL


    Making decisions by Slidely Slideshow