• In this section we decided to make artcrafts about fish, boats and sea. Students used many kind of materials and created a lot of crafts. 


    This is a diorama of the Mediterranean area, made of a dough made of flour, salt and water. What a fun! 
    And this is the recipe:

    1 cup of flour

    1 cup of salt

    1 cup of water

    Actually we used 3 kilos of flour, 3 kilos of salt and 3 of water.... GASP!!!





    Sailing the Mediterranean at the annual science fair. The students investigated the environment and the different kinds of fishing, the modern and the past. 
    Here it is a slideshow with their artcrafts and their performance at the exhibit .

    According to our Brainstorming we continue working with Fishermen. We created fish and boats with recaclable materials.

    Here are the fish creations in a Mosaically from Maleme students

    Photo mosaic by: annaliv @ Mosaically


    And the slide show how we created them...

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