• In Warriors theme we decided to take our first steps in coding. Students watch tutorials in App inventor and Scratch. Then they create apps which share with their partners.


    Here it is our work. 
    The students created two apps: the first by app inventor, 
    download the apk file following this link



    The second is a nice mini video game, created by Scratch,  in which the Guerriero of Capestrano tries to catch Greek coins. Enjoy it! You can play here, just clicking the green flag or also have a look and modify it.


    Maleme students enjoy the Scratch game from Borgo Pineta.

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    Maleme students present the Greek Warrior and Draw the Warror apps. Made with App inventor. We sent the apps in you e-mail.

    We improved our Draw a Warrior app adding more colors. 


    Italian studens as artists drew Greek Warriors