Music, Kids and Play

Children from several countries will learn by exchange their traditional music.

Slavic songs - plays and games

Slavic teachers created interesting games and puzzles for children.


games_MKP_pl from awujcik on Vimeo.

Math Games in Slovakia

Puzzles in kindergarten in Slovakia.

preview9 piecePuzzleMKPs by awujcik

Let's play together friends!


Zkuste si s dětmi zahrát puzzle z našich obrázků.  :-)

Try your children play puzzle from your pictures. :-) from Slovakia





Another musicalguessing game created by partner fromCzech Republic.

Barbora has prepared for our kids beautifull quiz of our songs. Perhaps they will like it?

New task for children. :-)  Click the question mark or the top right bulb for help.

LINK FOR GAME: "Slavic flags"

Link tothe game

A task for chidren (with a little help of teachers!) from Croatia!


Author: Barbora Milfaitová
Last editor: Alina Wujcik