Music, Kids and Play

Children from several countries will learn by exchange their traditional music.

Slavic Quality Labels

"Music,Kids and play" eTwinning project

 5 kindergartens from 5 countries received
5 eTwinning Labels, 5 National Quality Labels and 5 European Quality Labels

Flag Project Label National Quality Label European Quality Label


eTwinning Label from POLAND

eTwinning QL from POLAND

eTwinning EQL from POLAND


eTwinning Label from CROATIA

eTwinning QL from Croatia

eTwinning EQL from Croatia


eTwinning Label from Slovakia

eTwinning QL from Slovakia

eTwinning EQL from Slovakia


eTwinning Label from
Czech Republic

eTwinning QL from
Czech Republic

eTwinning EQL from Czech Republic



eTwinning Label from Slovenia

eTwinning QL from Slovenia

eTwinning EQL from Slovenia

5 diferent languages in one gorgous eTwinning project!





Author: Alina Wujcik
Last editor: Henrieta Belánová