Outdoor and indoor snapshots

  • Diary with Birgitta from Sweden (Public page)

    April 2020 Outdoor and indoor snapshots

    In this page we will discover how is life "OUTSIDE THE RED ZONE" thanks to our new friend Birgitta.

    Diary introduction

    Dear all,
    I'm Birgitta, a Swedish teacher of modern languages and media/ICT. I have left teaching but as an eTwinner since 2007 and a firm believer in collaborative learning, I am delighted to contribute to your wonderful and important project.

    I hope this digital diary will remind us and especially the students that there is a normal and wonderful world outside waiting for us all to take part in.

    I hope the students will enjoy the diary, give feedback and maybe be inspired to create their own diaries according to differences in ages and interests. Luisa and I think giving feedback in three groups will be the best/easiest way:
    - ages 3-7 (class 1 - 2 primary)
    - ages 7-10 (class 3 - 5)
    - ages 11 -- (class 6 -- senior students)
    Hopefully this will work.
    All best Birgitta