THE RED ZONE : Isolated but connected !


The project, born right in the epicenter of the RED ZONE” (Codogno) aims to involve not only the schools that first have been locked down but also all the schools that are still “OUT”. WE want it to become a ”safe happy space” in which everyone can share feelings, thoughts, activities, drawings, crafts, songs, games, letters, experiences... connected with this particular moment. It is meant to become a HAPPY ISLAND...RED as our hearts full of hope for better days. We are not alone…even though shut down and isolated, through Etwinning we will travel all over Europe and will be able to connect with lots of new friends! Il progetto nato proprio nell’epicentro della zona rossa (CODOGNO) ha lo scopo di coinvolgere tutte le scuole che sono state per prime “rinchiuse” e anche tutte quelle che sono rimaste fuori. Vuole diventare uno spazio in cui tutti possano condividere emozioni, pensieri, disegni, attività, crafts, canzoni, giochi, lettere, esperienze di questo particolare momento.

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