Work Plan


    • Presentation of the school and of the situation (Sign on the map the position)

    • THE GARDEN OF OUR HEARTS: each one has to plant some seeds in a recycled box/vase and take care of his new plant registering how it grows by sharing drawings, pictures, videos, could be also a part of a fat plant.
      At the end we will have a big garden of our hearts connected

    • Create a GECKO with different materials , find out and write what is the meaning of this animal

    • FEELINGS through different means ( write messages/poems/posts , sing a song, drawings, take pictures, create videos,...) to share what we feel

    • Make a DIY HEART to share

    • Make a DIY RAINBOW to share
    • Exchange of Easter: Greetings,traditions and recipes.

    • Exchange of good practices / DaD lessons

      MAY /JUNE

      • Exchange of good practices / DaD lessons

      • Make a special Dream Catcher to hang in each house in all the countries
      • Organize a big online PARTY (Zoom)

      • Final greetings with collection of materials.