Project activities- detailed overview

  • In our project objectives we will:

    1) raise the students' awareness of environmental issues in preserving various biomes and help them understand the scientific and cultural aspects of the interdependence of man and nature,

    2) develop a sense of solidarity among countries, and promote the necessity of local, national and European cooperation,

    3) get students actively involved in presenting their cultural heritage interconnected with their natural environment,

    4) incorporate outdoor education into CLIL lesson plans and develop the skills to take students outdoor to learn. To improve the quality and originality of teaching practices and increase motivation among pupils by making the learning process more cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multilinguistic, 

    5) gain the skills and qualifications such as social skills, problem solving, teamwork abilities, digitalliteracy and language competencies in new educational surroundings for a better professional and personal development, mobility and lifelong learning.