Partner schools


    Name of school - Technikum Ortopedyczne w Świdnicy.

    Location: Świdnica, Poland.

    Description of the school: It is a technical college and the students are training to become orthopaedists. There are around 120 students and about 30 teachers. The students are aged 15 to 19 and come mainly from villages around the city.

    Name of school: Sukromna stredna odborna skola

    Location: Giraltovce, Slovakia.

    Description of school: It is a private vocational school. The school offers a comprehensive range of qualifications for 16- 20 year old students such as accounting, business and catering. SSOS operates across two buildings in Giraltovce and has about 200 students. Most students come from the rural neighbourhood in a 30 km radius but there is also a number of students from abroad studying at SSOS who stay at the school dormitory.

    Name of school: Institut Montbui

    Location: Sta. Margarida de Montbui, Barcelona, Spain. The school is situated in an ever-decreasing industrial region which has one of the highest unemployment rates in Catalonia.                                       

    Description of school: It is a public secondary school with about 45 teachers and 400 students (ages range: 12 to 18years). About 15% of the students are immigrant students (Moroccan and South American).

    Name of school: Fondazione Liceo Linguistico Courmayeur.

    Location: Courmayeur, Valle D’Aosta. Situated at an altitude of 1,224 mt in the Italian Alps.

    Description of school: The Courmayeur secondary school, whose 144 students range from ages 14 to 19, specialises in foreign languages. There are 25 teachers. It was the first school in the Aosta Valley to prepare its students in CLIL Science in English for the State. Over 25% of pupils are actively involved in competitive sports, which require intense training, preventing some of them from attending school regularly.