Gymnasium Bad Aibling

  • Gymnasium Bad Aibling, Bavaria, Germany

    Official school website

    The Gymnasium Bad Aibling is a secondary school providing general education. Pupils  aged from 10 to 18/19 can choose between focusing on a maths/science sector or modern language sector. It`s a so called "Seminarschule" offering seminars/training to young teachers. There are about 130 teachers (including 24 trainee teachers) and over 900 pupils. The school is situated in a complex of two further schools (Realschule, Wirtschaftsschule). They all share the common playground. So there are about 3000 pupils.

    In 2013 the Gymnasium has been granted the title "School against racism - School with civil courage" stating the school´s priority to work on tolerance and intercultural understanding. 

    From 2015 to 2017 the school successfully coordinated an Eramsus+ Project called "Colours of Europe" and additionally from 2018 to 2020 the school coordinated an Erasmus+ Project called "Europe on Air". Currently the school again coordinates an Erasmus+ Project called "Arts for Future". The Gymnasium Bad Aibling focuses on opening up on a European level promoting European values which are manifested in the school´s agend of 2019. A new "EuropaKlasse" started in 2019 in which European matters are focused on. European ideas/values among young people are promoted. Pupils report on its European Partner Schools, talk, discuss and learn about Europe and the different cultures.