Project logo

  • Voting the logo of the project 

    Voting Rules:
    - 20 students and 5 teachers, i.e. 25 voters in total from each country.
    - Voting is authenticated. Authentication includes 2 codes. The first code refers to the country voting and is given to voters by their coordinator. The second code is the voters' name. An example of authentication is " GR03 Anna " referring to the 3rd voter from Greece
    - Voters are allowed to vote 2 logos of 2 other countries, they cannot vote for their country or vote twice the same logo.
    - voting period starts on Monday, Nov 8th and ends on Friday, Nov 12th 2021. On Saturday, Nov 13th the coordinators validate the voting and announce the winning logo.


    Project partners' suggestions for the project logo

    GERMANY                                           CROATIA


    GREECE      SWEDEN