IES Tirant Lo Blanc, Elche

  • Our school is in Elche, a city on the coast of Alicante with more than 230.000 inhabitants. We have more than 900 students and 100 teachers in our center.
    We teach Compulsory Secondary Education courses; Baccalaureate and Basic Vocational Training with two cycles: Kitchen and Restoration and Office Computing; and Higher Level Vocational Training of Accommodation and Tourism family: Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance, Travel Agencies and Event Management and, Tourist Accommodation Management.
    We have a long experience in Erasmus projects. We have been received the Secondary Education Quality Award in 2018 for the project “Lessons for present, lessons for future” and we are an Accredited Erasmus center from 2021.

    Here you can see two short videos about our school IES Tirant lo Blanc.