Communication during the pandemic

  • Our project started in Sept 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we couldn't implement it according to our schedule.  We organised several online meetings via Zoom.


    1st teachers meeting: Friday 8th Sept 2020

    - We exchanged our news about our schools and our countries in the pandemic era.

    - We discussed the options of communication means to adopt.

    - We shared prior experience regarding the hosting of the mobilities and exchanged info about our current implications due to students' age differences.

    2nd teachers meeting: Friday 2 Oct 2020

    - We decided not to travel in the school year 2020-2021 due to the pandemic and we made a plan for digital activities to be carried out: (1) Participation in the ErasmusDays2020, (2) School presentation in eTwinning, (3) Post-crossing game for Erasmus+ pupils of all partner schools to introduce themselves, (4) Logo creation and competition by each partner school, (5) A digital exhibition on plastic waste and its influence on the environment will be created by each nation. The exhibition will be put on eTwinning later. Title: Plastic waste in our oceans - is it really that bad?

    - We organised in detail our participation in Erasmus day 2020

    1st students meeting: Oct 2020

    Participating students introduced themselves and their schools. The video of the teleconference follows:

    3rd teachers meeting: Friday 13th Nov 2020

    -  We exchanged pedagogical methods on handling the pandemic in schools across Europe.

    - We discussed issues related to the organisation of our projects' website and the evaluation of our project.

    - We applied peer teaching for learning how to create students accounts in twinspace so that all partners add their students and start collaborating (short video follows).

    4th teachers meeting: Friday 18th Dec 2020

    -  We discussed how partners have handled so far the creation of our project's logo 

    - We discussed the organisation of the "PostCrossing" activity aiming for students to get to know each other

    - We applied peer teaching for learning how to upload material and create/edit pages in twinspace so that all partners start adding material in our twinspace (video follows).


    5th teachers meeting: Friday 29th Jan 2021

    -  We discussed +++

    6th teachers meeting: Friday 26th Feb 2021

    -  We discussed +++

    We also had a workshop on how to upload video in our project's YouTube channel  and then add it in the "Materials" and in a "Page" of our project's twinspace. 

    7th teachers meeting: Friday 26th March 2021

    -  We discussed +++

    8th teachers meeting: Friday 11th June 2021

    -  We discussed +++

    9th teachers meeting: Thurday 9th September 2021

    -  We discussed +++