Project plan

  • About the project

    „Young journalist of today – responsible digital citizens of tomorrow“ is a two-year-long cross-curricular project created to encourage students critical thinking and prepare them to be responsible digital s citizens.
    The project is originally based on an established Erasmus+ KA229 project, which gathers schools from Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, and Spain, but we want to expand its scope by including additional partners through eTwinning from Italy, and Turkey who expressed their interest in the project subject.
    The partnership is based on our mutual belief that we shouldn’t just watch our students spend time on their smartphones consuming very often trivial content on YouTube. Those contents are also full with stereotypes, especially towards “acceptable” appearances and have low production standards and aesthetic levels, and the language which is used by YouTubers is not in accordance with literary standards.


    We are aware that we can’t change the media, but we can influence our student’s media literacy. We have decided that the best way to achieve this would be for students to write by themselves and to become journalists, and not only be passive media consumers.
    This is why, we have agreed that students in partner school write, published and then exchange journalistic articles. Topics will be student achievement, school, local problems, and various topics focused on civic and media education.

    • to develop students critical thinking through writing of journalistic articles
    • respecting, protecting and implementing the children's rights within the digital environment
    • to encourage launching of digital school newspaper
    • to support and develop intercultural competencies and encourage our students to be open-minded, empathetic and acceptable towards different cultures
    • to develop students ICT competencies

    Work process

    November 2019

    • sharing materials from C1 training activity for teachers held in Croatia to be used as a starting point of the eTwinning project

    December 2019

    • examining students' interest in writing journalistic articles
    • discussing possible topics of interest for students
    • referring students to the basics of newspaper writing
    • deciding about place/platform for uploading and publishing of students articles

    January – April 2020

    • exchanging 2 students journalistic articles per month (each school)
    • publishing students articles on eTwinning project blog and on school web pages/or school digital newspapers

    May 2020

    • sharing materials from the second mobility (C2 activity from KA229 project) in Serbia

    May - June 2020

    • students and teachers will express their opinion about best articles
    • evaluation and dissemination of the project
    • publishing of the collection of the best students articles in an e-book

    Expected results

    • students articles focused on civic and media education and various other topics
    • school digital newspapers (in some countries)
    • e-book with a collection of best students articles
    • higher level of students media and IT literacy as well as digital citizenship