Pilot project SŠOF Ljubljana and ŠCNG Nova Gorica Slovenia RESLES - BENCHES

  • Students from the Department of Product design at SŠOF began their work with a research of landscape, ethnology, etc. of particular Slovenian regions, which resulted in first drafts. After the selection process of the best ideas, the students developed some variations and planned the most appropriate materials – they tried to include wood of invasive tree species. They created 3D renders and technical blueprints. Apart from the chosen prototype of the so-called “Salt works bench” (authors Maja Brus, Val Mohorčič Krapež, Nika Oblak, Hana Polak), an additional smaller scale model of a bench was created under the name of „Family Bench” for the Upper Carniola region (author Žiga Dolinar). In total seven different benches reached at least the phase of 3D presentation.