Pilot project SŠOF Ljubljana and ŠCNG Nova Gorica Slovenia SOLARIX - JACKET

  • Students of the Secondary School of Economics ŠCNG founded an ecologically oriented practice firm SOLARIX Ltd. Their idea for the firm was to market products with incorporated solar panels, which could be used in naval industry, on marine vessels, for outdoors activities, travel, in remote areas etc. They mostly focused on products (clothes, bags etc.) with solar panels that could charge smaller electronic devices.

    In order to develop their idea of clothes with solar panels they contacted the department of Fashion design at SŠOF. After a selection process their mentors chose a design by Lara Ponebšek, who then developed her fashion creation as part of the NET-ENT pilot project.

    After selection of the most appropriate sketches and materials, a 4th year student Lara Ponebšek tailored and manufactured a prototype of a jacket made from thin softshell. Her design had to take into account the technical characteristics of the solar panels and other components. A solar cell catches sunrays that seep through a laser cut geometric pattern and the energy is stored in a power bank hidden in a special pocket. The harvested energy is at disposal whenever the mobile phone battery runs out. The student also used a laser cutter in collaboration with the Department of Product design.