Project summary

  • 'I like to move it, move it!" is a 2-year project developed by 4 European Schools from different background and with different experience: Międzynarodowa Szkoła Podstawowa Paderewski in Lublin, Poland, Costeas-Geitonas School in Athens-Pallini, Greece, Private American Academy School in Limassol, Cyprus and 32 Secondary Language School in Sofia, Bulgaria.

    It aims at approaching different aspects of the concept of movement via various subjects and approaches which all together should result in achieving high quality skills and competences in areas such as interpersonal relationships, cultivating national heritage or being more conscious about interdisciplinarity and how to transfer this knowledge to various areas. Moreover, all levels will include highly intense and efficient use of digital learning tools and exchanging good practices so as to meet the needs of teachers and learners in all partner schools to make the technology a part of the learning process. The activities will be supported by the teachers from many different domains such as PE, Science, Art, History, ICT, languages and Design. All the partners will eagerly promote all the skills and competences acquired during the project to enable next groups of students and teachers to benefit from the achievements of this project. Moreover, our aim is to strengthen the cooperation between non-IB and IB schools as it will be a great opportunity to exchange good practices on the international level.

    The project is divided into 4 modules, each concerning a different approach towards the concept of movement: Physical Development, Personal and Cultural Expression, Globalisation and Scientific and Technical Innovation.

    Each module is going to be performed as a smaller investigation based on Inquiry-Based Learning circle. This makes our project innovative and highly motivating for students to participate. During the project it is intended to create videos showcasing movement in various areas, produce maps, presentations, organise performances, workshops, conduct surveys for continuous evaluation, while students and teachers are going to use ICT tools and prepare posters, videos, presentations and many more.

    All the results will be shared on the open license (CC-BY-SA). The variety of products to be completed will demand effective time and task management, communicative and
    social skills, motivation, positive attitude and responsibility. All those skills are necessary in further education.

    Students aged 11-15 attending the schools will be included in the project through direct and indirect participation, though we expect that younger classes will be involved in some types of activities carried out during the project that will suit their curricula and need at the specific time. We will also benefit  form local cultural and municipal organisations in order to strengthen various parts of the project.