Collaborative presentation in an interactive board : Expirements with Volcanoes (Συνεργατική παρουσίαση σε διαδραστικό πίνακα:Πειράματα με τα ηφαίστεια)

  • Our experiments in a cooperative presentation software




    Görükle Akşemsettin primary school-kindergarten

    Hatice MUTLU

    Volcano experiment



    1st Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    Our experiment! We learnt about volkano!

    1st Kindergarten Ormylia's 

    Tinker!!! The explosion of the volcanoes!




    1st Kindergarten of Corfu



    8th Kindergarten of Polihni 

    Our volcano experiment together with some...dinosaur excitement!!! :)


    GRAGNANO (NA), ItalyDDS Gragnano 2 "O. Lizzadri"

    6th Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    Our experiments