Acquintance with eTwinning (Γνωριμία με το eTwinning)

  • Görükle Aksemsettin primary school-kindergarten

    We painted eTwinning logo and made our project board


    1st Kindergarten of Corfu

    Our acquintance with eTwinning


    1rst Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    We "meet" eTwinning

    6o Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    Let's get to know each other!!

    8th Kindergarten of Polihni

    What is e-twinning?

    - e-twinning is ... meeting children from Europe!

    - e-twinning is ... when the children who live far away, come close!

    And this is our poster with our message:

    Children who live far away, come closer with e-twinning!

    Με το e-twinning, τα παιδιά που ζουν μακριά, έρχονται κοντά!


    Kindergarten From Chalkidiki , Eleni Mpoukla

    We find our cooperators in eTwinning projects!!!