Collaborative interactive board: experiments: in what ways can we light a fire? (Συνεργατικός διαδραστικός πίνακας:Πείραμα: Με ποιους τρόπους μπορούμε να ανάψουμε μια φωτιά;)


    What other ways can you think to start a fire?

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  • Experiment: Ways to start a fire

    1st Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    We can light a fire with matches, with lighters, with candles. But we must always remember that children NEVER play with fire!

    1st Kindergarten of Corfu


    1st Kindergarten of Ormylia :Experiments

    We experimented with fire: Burning materials and materials that do not burn

    1st Kindergarten of Ormylia :Experiments (2)
    Görükle Akşemsettin Primary School- Kindergarten

    We did experiment with fire. I asked the students, "Is there a need for air to burn" without oxygen? Some of the students burn, some do not burn, he said. We lit the candle and closed the glass and cut off the contact with the air. fire extinguished. At the end of the experiment, we learned that oxygen was needed for the fire, and that if we cut off the contact with the air, the fire could go out.

    8th Kindergarten of Polichni
    8th kindergarten of Polihni

    We did the experiment with the oxygen. Fire needs oxygen!