Cooperative learning through songs and crafts: The myth of Prometheus (Γνωρίζοντας συνεργατικά τον μύθο του Προμηθέα μέσα από τραγούδια και κατασκευές)

  • After watching the following videos students have to think ways to present the myth of Prometheus to other kids

  • Online meeting to cooperative sing the song "Prometheus giant" and present our Pometheus crafts

    1st Kindergarten of Corfu

    Prometheus giant song

    1st Kindergarten of Corfu

    Our crafts inspired by Prometheus myth

    1st Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    Οur actions for Prometheus

    6Th Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    The Myth of Prometheus

    6th Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    We play with beebot

    6th Kindergarten Oraiokastro

    We made a poster!!

    8th Kindergarten of Polichi

    Online singing the "Giant Song"

    1st Kindergarten of Corfu

    The myth of Prometheus dramatization

    Hatice MUTLU Görükle Akşemsettin Primary school-kindergarten

    Online meeting and sing a song

    1st Ormylia' s Kindergarten

    bee bot learns the myth of Prometheus