Project plan

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    Overview of project:

    This year-long project will have environmental issues as its key theme. Classes will work together to suggest ways to reduce our environmental impact in our schools and everyday lives.  The project will facilitate collaborative international peer learning.

    The project will include a Christmas card exchange, using recycled materials. We also plan to make environmentally friendly Christmas decorations. Over the course of the year, we will share tips and suggestions about how to ‘tread more lightly on the Earth.’

    We will also share information about our schools, towns and countries. Partners will share pictures and information about events in their school throughout the year, particularly when these have an environmental theme.  The project will include the promotion of healthy habits - more exercise and healthy, seasonal food.

    We will learn some of each others’ languages through the project.  eSafety will be a key theme throughout, including sharing activities for Safer Internet Day and help for pupils and families using the Twinspace.


    Croatian, English, Estonian, French, Galician, German, Italian, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish.


    We will continue to develop this project through the year, but we suggest the following activities:


    Autumn term:

    Sept/Oct : Sharing information about our schools and local environment, eg share a school presentation, our town presentation, our school week schedule. and a pupil presentation.

    A Christmas card exchange, with cards designed with recycled or eco-friendly materials. Some schools may send ecards.

    A Christmas tree decoration exchange, using recycled materials.
    Children can teach some basic words in their languages.

    An exchange of Christmas songs on the Twinspace. A video call in December or January to sing together.


    Spring term:

    Sharing of songs and rhymes in our own language.


    Video call.

    Poster design?


    Summer term:

    Sharing of playground games - especially those which need few resources as these are very eco-friendly


    Information about celebrations at schools through the year will be shared on the Twinspace, especially those which have an environmental theme.

    Reflections by pupils and teachers on the project, shared on the Twinspace.

    An ebook created from the project as a lasting outcome.