• Hello friends!

    We are from the school Francisco Fatou in Vallecas. Vallecas is in Madrid, Spain.


    Our school has got 3 floors:

    - 1st floor for Infant education (from 3  to 5 years).

    - 2nd and 3rd floor for Primary Education (from 6  to 11 years).

    Also, we have a gym, Music class, Religion class, ICT class, ASD class and a canteen.

    We have a lot of subjects:

    - PE.

    - Maths.

    - English.

    - Spanish.

    - Natural and Social Science.

    -  Music.

    - Religion/ Citizenship.

    - Arts.


    We start school at 9 o'clock and we finish at 2 o'clock. 

    We celebrate special festviities: Halloween, Day of Functional Diversity



    Christmas, Solidarity race for childhood cancer, Carnival, St.Patrick's Day ...IT IS VERY FUNNY!


    Last year, we participated in the Erasmus project. We wrote letter to Greece, made projects, video conferences.... It wasb reeeeeeeeeeeally interesting!


    We like participating in European project because we learn the culture, the language and we make friends from another countries.