2. European Day of Languages

  • September 26 is the European Day of Languages, as proclaimed by the Council of Europe with the support of the European Union on December 6, 2001. Its main objective is to promote language learning throughout Europe. 

    These are the activities prepared by the European schools:

    • Greeting in sevel languages: BUENOS DÍAS, BUON GIORNO, KALIMERA...It was really fun!.

    • Let's present our pets.

    • Coloring European flags 

    • Sing a song in different languages.

    • Enjoy the European Day of Languages all together.
    • French and Hungarian classes in Estonia /mother-tongue speaking guest teachers were in the lessons/ 

    • Guessing game in Estonia- in what language do you hear the song? You can listen the song of Pipi in different languages and try to guess on the Estonian Radio guessing game HERE

    Ukrainian students celebrating European Day of Languages


    Klaipeda Tauralaukis progymnasium, Lithuania

    We painted on the t-shirtrs flags

    European day of languages in ''Šaltinis'' progymnasium, Tauragė Lithuania

    We decorated doors.

    By teacher Laineda and my students.