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  • TEAM I 

    Please search for information about travelling to London. Check also currency exchange rate for your country, estimated travel time from your country to the UK, means of transportation while being in London. Add to Twinboard all the data you have collected. 

  • Transportation

    Double decker bus

    1 day hop on hop off ticket, 4 different routes - 35 pounds

    Boris Bike

    City bike to rent is called in London Boris bike. It is the cheapest way of traveling - 2 pounds to rent, then 30 min free, then every next 30 min - 2 pounds

    The Tube

    Underground in London

    Travel card, Team from Serbia

    A London travel card costs £12.70 per day for travel in zones 1-4. If you need to know where to buy a London day travel card, you can purchase these at most tube stations. While this seems like a good option, you can pay as you go with either a contactless bank card or an Oyster card and travel for a whole day in the same area at a capped cost of £9.80. If you are travelling with children under the age of 11, they will travel for free.

    British currency
    Team from Serbia

    Distance from Belgrade to London 2.087 km
    by plane, the flight lasts 3h 10min
    plane ticket from 189 euros

    Team from Ukraine

    What is the travel distance between Kyiv (Ukraine) and London (the United Kingdom)? How many miles is it from Kyiv to London? -
    1326 miles / 2133.99 km is the flight distance between these two places.

    Team from Ukraine

    We have calculated the distance between our capital city Kyiv and London, the place of our destination.

    Team from Ukraine

    It was interesting to get to know about time difference in Kyiv and London.

    Team from Serbia

    1 pound = 1.15 euros
    1 euro = 117 rsd (Serbian dinars)


    prepared by all teams -video


    From Turkey to London


    FROM BURSA TO LONDON by all teams

    London Bus. Spanish Team

    A single bus ticket costs £ 1.50 with the Visitor Oyster Card, the Oyster Card, with the Travelcard or with a contactless payment card issued in the UK.

    CABLEWAY. Spanish Team

    To take a good memory of London, get on the cable car and you will fly over the city with its best views.
    The East London docks area, London City Airport or the ExCel exhibition center.
    You can also see the Canary Wharf skyscrapers, The O2 Arena and the City skyline, with buildings like The Gherkin, and the River Thames.